The new transport philosophy

BELWAY, a continuous public transit solution,
with no schedules, no waiting

BELWAY is a complete mobility solution for urban, suburban and interurban travel.

The model is based on a network of safe lanes dedicated exclusively to autonomous vehicles.

Public transit is provided by a fleet of autonomous electric shuttles that move according to users’ needs.

The network is open to external vehicles such as cabs, delivery vehicles and personal cars.

The whole system is managed by an automatic supervision which guarantees the fluidity of the network at any time for a fast, safe and uninterrupted  travel.

The main benefits

For the planet

> Sustainable
> Energy & material efficient
> No new footprint

For the community

> Low capital investment
> Low operating costs
> Easily adaptable to needs
> Compatible with the future

For the user

> No schedules, no waiting
> Fast
> Safe
> Comfortable

Applications are possible in all types of areas

The BELWAY solution is versatile: The same network can serve a city centre, its outskirts and even rural areas, but also other cities, without changing vehicles.

BELWAY, support from A to Z

BELWAY supports project owners throughout the entire project, from the definition of the initial need to the operation, with the help of a network of expert partners.