The detailed benefits

For the planet

> Sustainable : no toxic pollution (NOx, particulate matter), no CO2 emissions during use
> Energy & material efficient: vehicles are light and only move if there is demand
> Decarbonisation by reducing the number of vehicles on the road
> First positive energy transport solution with solar panels
> Resource efficient in construction
> No new footprint.

For the community

> An efficient alternative to personal vehicles
> Easily adaptable to everyday and long-term demand  : capacity, extension, etc.
> Low investment: infrastructure and light vehicles
> Low operating costs
> Can be financed by concession and amortised by tolls
> Compatibility with level 5 autonomous vehicles.

For the user

> Continuous shuttle service, no schedules, no waiting.
> Greatly reduced travel time: the shuttle leaves within 3 minutes and without unnecessary stops
> End-to-end travel without change,
> Shuttles with 6 to 10 comfortable seats
> Safe travel.