Urban mobility
Peri-urban mobility
Inter-city mobility
Rural mobility
Redeveloped old railway lines
Airport / Leisure park
Metropolitan Subway

From a few kilometres to a network covering an entire territory

BELWAY can be adapted to all types of territory with the same technological solution.

It is therefore possible to start with a section of a few kilometres to meet a specific need, and to extend it over an entire territory.

How is a project carried out?

BELWAY and its partners support the client during all phases of the project:

> Opportunity study to determine the possibilities of implementing the BELWAY solution in relation to the needs of the territory.

> Feasibility study to determine the economic, societal and technical relevance, etc.

> A more complete pre-project, including all aspects of implementation, positioning of stations and vehicle entrances and exits, choice of track type, etc.

> Calls for tender launched to providers

> Preparation for public enquiries

> Implementation of the complete solution


> Assistance in operations